is a company, whose primary role  is the philosophy of innovative production, delivery of quality products and flexible response to the needs of our customers.

We offer industrial vacuum cleaning equipment with possible use for cleaning and improving the working conditions of individual operations:

  • Engineering sector
  • Metallurgical sector
  • Construction sector
  • Energy sector

We always try to ensure cost-effective and reliable solution for every customer, both in new as well as in older plants.

Company Profile

Industrial vacuum equipment company M&Š STROJVYS, Ltd. directly addresses manufacturing productivity improvement and working environment: 

  • We vacuum and clean floors from the dust in your company and we return the material back to the manufacturing process or landfill.
  • We transport the bulk materials, trim the excess transfer material or bulk material handling equipment.
  • We offer a quick removal of bulk material after accidents caused by handling of these materials. It reduces the time required to repair or remove the accident.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used in almost all industries.
They are used to:

  • Protect the environment while disposing of residual materials and material recovery.
  • Protection of workers handling dust.

When vacuuming, the filtered air goes back into the atmosphere.
The central vacuum cleaner can be stationary or portable, connected to different installations.